The Suburban Republican Women’s Club, Federated (originally known as the Greater Seminole Republican Women’s Club) was chartered in March 1971.

We are affiliated with the Florida Federation of Republican Women (FFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), a network that makes up over 100,000 women throughout the country who support Republican candidates and issues at all levels of government.

Our goals include assisting the party in electing qualified Republicans to office, educating our members on current issues and promoting Republican initiatives. FFRW members worked throughout the state during the elections on behalf of Republican Candidates. We worked in Republican Headquarters, held voter registration drives, and candidate forums. We worked on “Get out the Vote”, walked door to door, made thousands of phone calls and filled in wherever needed.


TO promote an informed electorate through political education and activities.

TO increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government
through active participation.

TO facilitate cooperation among Republican Women’s Clubs in the State of

TO foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its principles and
candidates in all elections including non-partisan elections.

TO support objectives and policies of the National Federation of Republican
Women , the Republican National Committee, the Republican Party of Florida,
the Florida New Federation of Republican Women and to work for the election of
the Republican Party’s nominees.

For information on how to become a member please feel free to Contact Us.