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Suburban Republican Women’s Club, Federated,

After listening to President Trump at his Oklahoma rally, I hope everyone reading this is on FIRE and ready to paint America RED!!! Let’s Keep America Great!

I hope all of you have been safe not only protecting yourself but also your family! I know it has been hard for many of us these past few months. Our 1st priority is to take care of ourselves and our families. We are not out of the clear and we must continue to take the measures that we need to be safe.

It has been many months since we have had a meeting. I made the decision not to have meetings the last 4 months to protect our members from COVID. I wanted to wait to make sure that our members were in a safe area before we opened our club again. Please understand that many clubs are not opening until Fall.

In the last weeks, I have spoken to many elected officials and candidates which have stated that this election year will be an unusual election year. Some clubs are just starting to open on a small scale and some are not opening at all. Each campaign this year will be looking at new ways to get their message out to the community. Many will not be knocking on doors and some will be looking at social media to spread their message. As I have always said, the best way to support your candidate is word of mouth. Continue to talk to everyone to get President Trump reelected and winning the Republican ticket for Seminole County.

Suburban Republican Women’s Club: Looking Ahead!

We have decided to start our club back up in July. It is time to start supporting President Trump and Seminole County. Please know that the club and events will be different due to protecting our members from COVID. Please read each email and newsletter that we send out to understand how our meetings and events will be handled. There will be changes that we all can adapt to.
Understand that the Democrats are putting a candidate in every seat from city to county to state and country-level! We need to get every Republican involved this election year more than ever! Now is the time to speak our hearts and minds to support our history, protect the constitution, our privacy, our free thoughts, faith, family, the right to bear arms and to always salute our American Flag.

We are ready to support President Trump and make Seminole County RED Again!

President Trump has a fantastic app for his 2020 campaign. Click the following link for more information:

“A Republican vote will provide you better schools, better jobs, safer families, stronger communities, FOR ALL AMERICANS.”

– President Donald J. Trump

Photo of Susan Sherman, President of the Suburban Republican Women’s Club FederatedSusan Sherman, President | Suburban Republican Women’s Club, Federated